Anti Social Social Club

The Anti Social Social Club burst onto the fashion scene in early 2015. It had navigated through a crowded streetwear market and is now at worldwide fame, thanks to its eccentric founder Neek Lurk who never planned on conquering anything but somehow managed to build an empire based on “negative stuff” like mental struggles and depression- all while only having one goal: design clothes for those with similar feelings as him/herself! The online store has permanently sold out of certain designs or messages that people can’t get enough information about because they’re too fascinated by what might be next from such an interesting brand new face on this planet we call Earth.

At the beginning of 2015, Neek designed 12 Anti Social Social Club T-shirt with a similar logo. He did not even print them but created his own photoshop mockups and shared them on the internet for people to buy all at once! So this made him think about going onward – he targeted close friends as an audience initially but soon these statements started resonating throughout LA while being spontaneous themselves in launching Anti Social Social Club straight into streetwear forefront before we could really understand how or why?